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New coronavirus PCR test

What is a PCR test in the first place?

PCR is an abbreviation for polymerase chain reaction. What is a polymerase? Polymerase is a part of the viral genes such as DNA and RNA.
The PCR test is a test in which a sample is placed in a special liquid, a characteristic part of the viral gene is cut out and amplified by a chain reaction.
In other words, by immersing the sample taken from the patient in a special liquid, if there is a new coronavirus, it finds a unique part in it and cuts out and amplifies that part to amplify the new coronavirus. It is an inspection that can determine whether or not there is.
Tests performed by PCR include hiropapillomavirus (genital wart, causative virus of cervical cancer), chlamydia (a type of venereal disease), and gonorrhea (a type of venereal disease).

​Medical institution designated by the Chinese Embassy in Japan

Medical corporation corporation
Natural Harmony Clinic Omotesando
Helen of Troy Clinic
Tsukasa Clinic
business hours:
Monday-Saturday 10: 00-19: 00
Inspection and certificate set
The cost starts from 27,000 yen (tax included)
When making a reservation
Please check the following in advance.
◎ Asymptomatic
◎ Those who are not close contacts
Monday-Saturday 10: 00-19: 00
* The final reservation time is from 18:00.
* Please bring your passport with you when you come to the hospital. It is also possible to send a copy in advance.
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Telephone reservation: 080-2079-3218 Sink
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