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Introduction, guidance, and consultation services for Japanese medical institutions to foreigners

We have contracts with more than 30 hospitals in Tokyo and Osaka, as well as more than 100 clinics, including human docks at partner hospitals, and it is possible to reserve medical examinations and treatments from famous Japanese hospitals. ..

​Management of hospitals and clinics, management of hotels, inns, guest houses, related business consultation

​It is also possible to consult with us about the management of hospitals, clinics, etc., and the management-related work of hotels, etc.

​Import / export business of health foods, cosmetics, daily necessities, miscellaneous goods, pharmaceuticals, medical machines, etc.

We will arrange and import / export business according to the customer's request.

Human resource development and introduction, translation, interpreter dispatch service business

We provide human resources development and dispatch services such as translation work, medical interpretation, and travel guides.

Cross-border e-commerce, buying and selling, wholesale and import/export of goods using SNS and the internet

Utilizing our strengths - our network in the Japanese medical industry and our experience in the tourism industry - and our CEO Shen's previous experience working for television stations in China and Japan, we will build a fan base on Chinese social media and video streaming sites, and develop cross-border e-commerce by incorporating new methods such as live commerce and group buying, which are rapidly gaining popularity in China.

Taking into account the high regard for Japanese products in China, market needs such as the expansion of cross-border e-commerce, and the company's strengths, such as its network in the medical industry and experience in the tourism industry, the company is strategically combining "selection and concentration" to optimize resources.

Paid job placement business

We are smoothly developing a paid referral business registered with the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.

We are currently accepting registrations for information on foreign employment, specific skills, and life support.

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