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Since 2013, the representative director has been helping overseas customers to provide optimal medical care according to their needs and health conditions, including consultations on medical health examinations and treatments in Japan. Toasa Asahi International Health and Medical Co., Ltd. was established in January 2019 so that we can provide better services as a professional to more overseas customers by utilizing our abundant experience cultivated in a wide variety of specialized medical fields. It's a company. Utilizing the abundant experience cultivated in each specialized medical field, we aim to provide optimal medical services and EC services to more overseas customers.

Contract relationship and other planning contents between the parties concerned of the project, will not violate the purpose of this project, all contracts will comply with the law, will not violate, will not have trouble.


  • March       2022 Obtain the employment introduction business license with materials, license No. 11 - ユ - 301026

  • February   2022

                           Online medical lecture with the theme of "cancer treatment without giving up" in union with Utsunomiya Central Hospital.

                           Use WeChat mini program to sell Japanese goods all over China.

                           Became an MTF member of Medical Excellence Japan.

  • January 2022 Registered as coordinator of International medical Exchange by Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan.

  • December 2021 Online inquiries and documents.

  • October 2021 Obtained a cross-border EC business permit.

  • September 2021 Medical interpretation of patients with corona sequelae.

  • March 2021 second opinion and online inquiries.

  • November 2020 Obtained a travel agency permit.

  • October 2020 Business tie-up contract with medical corporation ICVS. Appointment of renami vaccine.

  • September 2020 Started accepting PCR test reservations at the clinic designated by the Chinese Embassy in Japan.

  • August 2020 Formed a business alliance with Tokyo International Exchange College and started introducing international students to Japan.

  • July 2020 Participated in an online conference with Anshan City General Human Dock Center, China.

  • June 2020  Minowa Dental Medical Support.

  • May 2020 Online interviews and strengthening second opinion

  • April 2020  Supporting protective clothing to Wenzhou Hospital, China

  • March 2020  Online medical course live broadcast. Visit to Okinawa medical institution. Business tie-up contract with medical corporation Ryoshukai.

  • February 2020 Donated masks to Xiamen Taigang Clinic, China. Business tie-up contract with Fujita Medical University Hospital.

  • January 2020 Visited and had a meeting with President And Financial at Narita Hospital, International University of Health and Welfare.About accepting human docks for Alipay members Alibaba & Antophinan.Business tie-up contract with medical corporation Tokushukai.Business tie-up contract with medical corporation Jiaikai.

  • December 2019 Alipay President of Alibaba & Ant Financial and the chairman of Beijing Health Promotion Association attended and visited each hospital.Private jet stem cell tour.Business tie-up contract with National Center for Global Health and Medical Research Hospital.

  • November 2019 Attend China Xiamen and Shanghai International Medical Investment Team to each hospital.A 70-person tour is held.

  • October 2019   Visit to High Medic, Yamanakako Resort Examination Center.Started immunotherapy and stem cell therapy business alliance.Business alliance agreement with Tokyo Clinic.

  • September 2019 Started cancer treatment business in Japan.Business tie-up agreement with Ginza TA Clinic.

  • August 2019 Held medical travel tours for inbound tourists and formed a cosmetic surgery business alliance.

  • July 2019 Second opinion business started.Participation in medical parties, etc.

  • June 2019 Inbound human dock, blood purification tour.TOKYOKU  International Health and Medical Co., Ltd. visited the China Hengdian Croup Headquarters and Alibaba Group Headquarters.

  • May 2019 Held an inbound human dock tour.Business tie-up contract with Kenkoin Medical Corporation.

  • April 2019   Medical tourism for Chinese people started in earnest.10 people from the chairman of Hengdian Group Top, a listed company in China, visited Japan by private jet..Business contract with Natural Harmony Clinic.

  • March 2019 A delegation from the president of a construction company in Shandong Province, China, visited a construction site such as concrete.

  • February 2019 Visited hospitals such as Nagoya Fujita Medical University Hospital and medical corporation Kyogyokai.

  • January 2019 Established TOKYOKU International Health and Medical Co., Ltd.

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